Makerdao is sponsoring an API Prize at ETHWaterloo!

We are very excited to be sponsoring ETHWaterloo and are offering a separate prize for the best project which integrates Sai (our alpha stablecoin) into their product. A total of up to 50 MKR will be awarded to the teams that utilize Sai in their application. We are looking for innovative use cases and solid MVP’s. Hackers also have the opportunity to receive additional MKR for continuing to work on their Sai project after ETH Waterloo. This reward will vest after milestones agreed upon by the Maker team and project are reached. We will reach out to candidate projects after the hackathon if we find some that fit the criteria of the core Maker team.

Hackathon Project Ideas
  • Use Sai as the denominating currency in a decentralized exchange (hooray for a non volatile decentralized denominating pair!)
  • Use Sai as the backbone of a transparent accounting application (start contributing to the end of corruption)
  • Build a remittance app using Sai as a rail (Do you like saving money sending fiat across borders? Because that’s how you get that)
  • Build a payment gateway that allows customers to pay a business with any token that is traded against SAI using Oasis, whereby on a protocol level the token is immediately converted to SAI. (Thereby giving customers the freedom to pay in whichever currency they choose while allowing businesses to secure profits and not suffer from the volatility that is typical of existing cryptocurrency remittance services)
  • Build a slick wallet for sending and storing Sai

The MKR will be awarded by a panel of judges that includes Ryan Zurrer, Panashe Mahachi, Nik Kunkel and myself. We will be looking for creative use cases and compelling product visions.

If you want to work on a Sai related project but don’t have a team yet, please email me at matt at makerdao dot com or simply stop by our booth.

If you’re excited about the possibilities that a decentralized stablecoin brings to the world and want to contribute to our vision - we are hiring!


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