Making Maker

Making Maker — January 2019

See below for highlights of the latest with MakerDAO.

Making Maker — December 2018

Happy Holidays! Check out the latest with MakerDAO in this post.

The MakerDAO Voting Proxy Contract

This post provides details about the voting proxy contract that is being used in the dapp for the governance vote about the Foundational Principles for Maker.

We will describe the background for having the contract, what it does, and what happens “behind the curtain” during the one-time setup of the voting contract.

Making Maker - September 4th

August was a busy month for Maker. With big announcements and partnerships introduced, the team has been hard at work bringing things to life. More importantly, the community has been deeply involved with us at every step and we’re grateful for all the feedback they have provided. Here’s a recap of the excitement and the updates thus far:

Making Maker - August 4

We’ve had quite a bit of content and updates put out these past few weeks. The team is enjoying the increased level of activity as we prep for Maker Governance. Here are some highlights of the what’s happened recently: