MakerDAO Collaborates on South Korean Local Government Projects with VANTA Network and HYCON (Glosfer)

The latest initiative involves partnering with VANTA and HYCON (Glosfer) to collaborate on government projects for switching South Korean cities’ local currencies into cryptocurrencies.

MakerDAO Focuses on Korea

To build on the strong support for Dai in Korea, Maker is officially launching their National Relayer campaign in Korea.

Meridio <3 Maker

Now, investors on Meridio can seamlessly trade real estate shares for Dai, which allows a near-perfect approximation to the US Dollar while still gaining the benefits and efficiencies of smart contracts.

MakerDAO and the ETHDenver Wallet

Every attendee will receive their own unique web wallet that will be pre-loaded with a localcoin called buffiDai, which is pegged to the Dai, and will be used to drive the ETHDenver economy.

MakerDAO and Wyre host unBlock Hackathon: Come Join Us This Weekend in San Francisco

Yesterday we announced a very exciting partnership with Wyre, the leading blockchain money transfer company. Wyre operates a regulated global payment infrastructure which allows for fast and compliant conversion of fiat currencies to Dai.