Oasis Trade Is Live!

October 2, 2019

The wait is over: Trade now! Oasis Trade has launched! 

A long-anticipated “new Oasis,” Oasis Trade represents the first step toward creating an all-in-one decentralized finance (DeFi) hub whereby users can trade crypto assets, earn savings by locking up Dai in the Dai Savings Rate (DSR), and access Multi-Collateral Dai CDPs.

Beginning today, users can trade  BAT, REP,  ETH, and ZRX against DAI.

As we announced on September 26, Oasis Trade is an updated version of eth2dai.com, built on the OasisDEX Protocol. One of the first places people went to purchase and trade Dai, the original Oasis was one of the few DEXes that operated completely on-chain and, as a result, played a large role in the success of the MakerDAO project to date. The new Oasis Trade will build on that success. The platform will support the trading of —and provide liquidity for— ETH and other collateral types currently being reviewed by MKR voters for inclusion in Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD). Eventually, it will support a multitude of collateral assets backing the DAI token. 

Supported tokens on Maker’s Oasis Trade, which is built on the OasisDex Protocol.

The most outstanding and exciting feature of the OasisDEX Protocol is that it is truly decentralized. By leveraging this permissionless, open-source protocol, anyone can develop a project on top of it and, thereby, contribute to the liquidity in the DeFi ecosystem.

First look at MakerDAO’s Oasis Trade UX.
Oasis Trade UX

While the OasisDEX Protocol supports trades of any ERC20 token, Oasis Trade will offer tokens that help increase the adoption of Dai and the Maker Protocol, and grow the DeFi ecosystem. Details of the policy that guides how digital assets are evaluated for inclusion in Oasis Trade can be found in the Oasis Trade Digital Asset Assessment Framework

“The OasisDEX Protocol is the biggest on-chain liquidity pool for the ETH/DAI market and it is fundamental to the health of the entire DeFi ecosystem,” said Bartek Kiepuszewski, Head of Oasis at Maker. “We hope that by providing a great trading experience for other tokens used as collateral for MCD, we will significantly increase their liquidity and adoption, boosting further the phenomenal growth DeFi has enjoyed in the last year.”

DeFi has captured the imagination of the financial world, and Maker leads the way with Oasis Trade. Trade now!

Next Steps for the All-in-One DeFi Hub

The launch of Oasis Trade is phase one of our journey toward the complete design of a multi-faceted DeFi hub. Phase two will come at MCD launch, when services to access the Dai Savings Rate and Multi-Collateral Dai CDPs using the Maker Protocol will be available on the Oasis Platform. Once fully designed, the hub will be a dynamic trading solution for users and a powerful engine fueling the growth of Multi-Collateral Dai.  

Stay tuned for more information about Oasis Trade features and, of course, for the launch of MCD. In the meantime, developers and anyone else can access the command line guide to the OasisDEX protocol and join in the conversation about Oasis Trade on the MakerDAO Forum.

October 2, 2019