#PiDai for #PiDay: Tweeting crypto for good

March 12, 2019

MakerDAO joins the #PiDay celebration by encouraging donations to charity

PiDay (March 14th) has been long celebrated as a geek holiday, so MakerDAO, in conjunction with our friends at @SendCrypto, are happy to announce a way for the crypto community to celebrate the date and help make the world a better place.


Thanks to the magic of the @SendCrypto bot, Twitter users are able to donate their Dai, xDai, Ether, or many other supported ERC20 tokens directly from their tweets to one of the many charities just by sending a simple message: “@SendCrypto @EFF $3.14

Why donate with your crypto?

The benefits are huge. By donating your tokens to charity, a whole host of intermediaries, banks, and random fee collectors are removed in favor of a system that is transparent and instant. That means the least number of people between your donation and the people who need it most.

Maker Matching Donations

Seeing as transparency and social good are fundamental pieces of Maker’s vision, we want #PiDai for #PiDay to be as meaningful as possible. The team at Maker will gladly match any donations that help meet the first three thresholds for each charity.

For example:

If donations to NeedsList hit the first three thresholds of $3.14, $31.41, and $314.15, we will match the total sum of $348.70 and send it to NeedsList as well.

If any other charities reach any of those three milestones, we’ll match those too!

Get Involved

Doing good doesn’t get any easier than this: simply tweet to @SendCrypto and add the @ handle of one of the charities below with the amount you’d like to donate.

Be sure to follow @sendcrypto bot before tweeting, or ensure your privacy settings are set to allow DMs from anyone. If you do not see a notification after you donate, please check your DM requests.

Some examples:

To send 3.14 Dai directly to the EFF’s wallet:
@SendCrypto @EFF $3.14

To send 31.41 xDai directly to Unicef NZ’s wallet:
@SendCrypto @UnicefNZ x$31.41

To send 5 dollars in Eth directly to Unicef NZ’s wallet:
@SendCrypto @UnicefNZ $5 ETH

Other tokens are accepted as well, just substitute the token symbol in the tweet:

  • REQ: Request Network
  • KNC: Kyber Network
  • DGX: Digix
  • OMG: OmiseGo
  • BAT: Basic Attention Token
  • LINK: ChainLINK
  • KIN: Kin
  • ZRX: 0x
  • BNB: Binance Coin


Throughout the campaign anyone can see who has donated, and how much each charity has raised.

We’ll be using this to track donations, and giving shout outs to users who made significant contributions to help reach milestones.

List of Charities

Lastly, please take some time to research the list of charities to see what they’re involved in, and find one that speaks to you. If they all speak to you, and you’re feeling particularly charitable, you can donate to all of them!

March 12, 2019