Update: The Road to Multi-Collateral Dai—Kovan Release v0.2.4

24th April 2019


Two weeks ago (April 10), we announced the release of MCD v0.2.3 on the Kovan testnet. That release, which included updates to the MCD Core Contracts, the CDP Portal, Dai.js, and the deployment of the Governance Process, was met with great response from the community. Thank you to everyone who tested and provided feedback. As we progress, the Foundation’s goal is to be as transparent as possible with the community and consistently clarify the scope of releases. 

For context around MCD as a decentralized system that will operate in an autonomous way once deployed onto the blockchain, see the original The Road to Multi-Collateral Dai post.

Today, we are releasing the third and most recent update, MCD 0.2.4, on the Kovan testnet. This release covers the newest development updates within:

Descriptive Changelog (v0.2.3 < > v0.2.4)


Since the v0.2.3 Kovan release, the following has been changed and/or added for the newest 0.2.4 release:

New Contract Addresses

The v0.2.4 release includes new collateral and MKR token addresses. This is important to note if you are looking to test and experiment with product UIs, as you will need to get the newest versions of the collateral and MKR tokens. 

The new MCD 0.2.4 Kovan contract addresses can be found by running: `curl-v http://www.mocky.io/v2/5cb8de534c0000c51ad3d7c1`

Note: There were no changes made to the smart contracts for this release.

Core System Contracts

Contract NameDescriptionContract Address
MCD_VATThe CDP core engine keeps track of DAI credit system accounting. 0xacdd1ee0f74954ed8f0ac581b081b7b86bd6aad9
MCD_CATThe user-facing gateway contract for liquidating (biting) CDPs.0x81f7aa9c1570de564eb511b3a1e57dae558c65b5
MCD_FLAPThe flap auction contract is responsible for buying and burning MKR when the system has a surplus.0xb6e31ab6ea62be7c530c32daea96e84d92fe20b7
MCD_FLOPThe flop auction contract is responsible for minting and selling MKR to cover bad debt.0x275ec1950d6406e3ce6156f9f529c047ea41c8ce

MKR Governance Token Contract

Contract Name DescriptionContract Address
MCD_GOVThe MKR governance token contract.0xd237d1f674c2232cef8fdc7148a59d576b67a8a3

DAI Stablecoin Contracts

Contract NameDescriptionContract Name
MCD_DAIThe DAI stablecoin contract.0xc7cc3413f169a027dccfeffe5208ca4f38ef0c40
MCD_JOIN_DAIThe DAI adapter is responsible for minting and burning DAI.0x7bb403aae0330f1acaad8f2a06ebe4b4e4784418

ETH Collateral Contracts

Contract NameDescriptionContract Address
MCD_JOIN_ETH_AThe ETH adapter is responsible for joining and exiting ETH collateral.
MCD_FLIP_ETH_AThe ETH flip auction contract is responsible for selling off ETH collateral for DAI when a CDP is liquidated.

Collateral 1 Contracts

Contract NameDescriptionContract Address
COL1Collateral 1 token contract.
MCD_JOIN_COL1_AThe COL1 adapter is responsible for joining and exiting COL1 collateral.
MCD_FLIP_COL1_AThe COL1 flip auction contract is responsible for selling off COL1 collateral for DAI when a CDP is liquidated 0x6e8032435c84b08e30f27bfbb812ee365a095b31

View the full list of new contract addresses here.

User Interface Changes

CDP Portal 

Release Updates


Dai-Governance Plugin

Release Updates

Next Steps

The team is discussing plans to migrate to the Goerli testnet for the next release, so look out for that exciting update! 

As always, we want to remind you that community feedback is crucial as we move toward the Ethereum mainnet release of Multi-Collateral Dai. Please join our public #product-feedback channel on Rocket.Chat to provide feedback and ask any questions you may have. You can also provide product feedback on the CDP Portal using Usersnap. You do not have to install a Chrome extension to do so. The Usersnap widget allows you to make comments right away.

Getting MakerDAO Updates

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24th April 2019