Lender of First Resort

In a Guest Blog, @ProgrammableTX discusses a personal use case for Dai.

Volatile Times: Dai as a Safe Haven

From January to the end of the year, Dai has been a safe haven for those who sought shelter from the volatility of this aggressive bear market. Users locked away a record-breaking amount of ETH through CDP smart contracts to produce Dai.

Maker Launches Chinese-language CDP Portal

Today, Maker introduced the Chinese-language CDP Portal, featuring the full translation of the native UI with optimized servers for visitors in mainland China.

Making Maker — December 2018

Happy Holidays! Check out the latest with MakerDAO in this post.

Happy BirthDAI

A year ago, on December 18, 2017, the first MKR vote to activate single collateral Dai was made, and the Dai Credit System became operational.