Introducing the MCD Voting Tracker

February 5, 2021

MakerDAO’s decentralized governance community is responsible for the health and performance of the Maker Protocol, from approving the addition of new collateral assets and setting risk parameters to driving the integration of new software and upgrades. MKR token holders need access to current and accurate Protocol information to make wise governance choices, and importantly they must understand the context of that information. Thus, to help the community in its duties, the Maker Foundation’s Data Services Team has created the MCD (Multi-Collateral Dai) Voting Tracker—a powerful new resource to complement the growing list of community-created governance tools.

Powerful Insights at Voters’ Fingertips

The MCD Voting Tracker enables anyone to easily access and explore detailed current and historical data regarding MakerDAO’s Governance Polls and Executive Votes. Powered by the Token Flow suite of data analytics tools, which processes* and analyzes blockchain data, and then delivers the information to users via APIs or easy-to-use interfaces, the Voting Tracker empowers voters. Users can drill up and down through interlinked strings of Ethereum blockchain data, including data from all versions of the Maker Protocol’s voting contract (DSChief 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2), to help inform their decision-making.

The Voting Tracker: Transparency Made Simple

The Ethereum blockchain holds a vast amount of information, all of which can provide a wide range of insights, especially when processed and presented in an easy-to-follow format.

While the data provided by MCD Voting Tracker is freely available to all on the public Ethereum blockchain, this Token Flow product removes the complexity of self-retrieval and self-processing, and delivers it neatly to the user. That convenience enables simplified transparency. 

In the video example above, a user walks through a recent Executive Vote to “Add ETH-A to the Debt Ceiling Instant Access Module.” They open the Voting History panel and click on the Top Supporter’s Ethereum address to review how and when one MKR holder voted in a particular Executive Vote. 

Voting History panel of the MCD Voting Tracker.

By viewing the history of an Executive Vote to date (image above), users can see the amount of MKR behind a vote and follow the addresses that have supported different proposals. 

The Tracker has similar functionality for Governance Polling. Now, users may review how MKR voters have historically backed, opposed, or formally abstained from Polls. This tool should benefit anyone interested in studying MKR token holder Poll behavior over time.

Enhancing Maker Governance

Maker’s process of decentralized, open governance begins with community discussions in the MakerDAO Forum; tools like the MCD Voting Tracker help inform those discussions as well as Governance Polls and Executive Votes. 

You can now interact with the MCD Voting Tracker and learn more about it in the Forum. What’s more, the Data Science team has released MCD Voting Tracker documentation for the DAO’s benefit.  

 *Data processing creates a slight lag in information delivery; therefore, information presented in the Voting Tracker is not in real-time. The typical lag is approximately 10 minutes.

February 5, 2021