MakerDAO Supports Development Focused on Dai Applications

September 14, 2018

Here at Maker, we’re heavily focused on fostering and developing a strong developer ecosystem. We believe that anyone should be able to leverage the power of Dai, and the many benefits it can bring to applications of all industries. We partner closely with companies that are bringing real world applications to life. See our recent announcements with WyreTradeshift and more.

Another way we support development is through our hackathon events, held in key cities around the world. For example, check out the leading projects at our Wyre co-hosted unBlock Hackathon. Our recent hackathon was focused on decentralized applications and cryptocurrency projects building Dai Applications. Teams were encouraged to incorporate MakerDAO API’s and libraries into their projects.

Here were a few of the leading projects:

Snowden Protocol

Winner of the unBlock Hackathon, this project was focused on leveraging game theory economic incentives to securely handle information. Applications include secure exchange of information, such as conversations for informants. Both parties stake Dai into a “conversation” as a bounty, which is triggered to be destroyed if the information gets published on the ethereum blockchain. The smart contracts are configured with the appropriate Dai stake, expiration date and closing distribution terms. In short, this protocol functions like a smart message, which stores digest, but not content itself, allowing for secure message exchange within an application.

Sky Interface

This project tackled the challenges associated with private wallet users paying others in crypto. They proposed a solution using Wyre and Dai, allowing users to pay friends without exposing recipients to the blockchain. If friend doesn’t have a wallet, the user can send to newly created one without a wallet. Sky Interface leverages the low friction of the Wyre API and stability of Dai stablecoin, syncing with Wyre accounts and email addresses.

Wrapped Dai

This smart contract enables a new class of users to transact, allowing individuals to pay with Dai and convert ETH to Dai. The solutions combines the importance of strong UX and the decentralized benefits of Dai. They deployed the contract in testnet.

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We believe in a future that leverages the power of decentralization for trustless transactions.

With Maker, we are carrying out our vision of creating a decentralized stablecoin that will unlock the unique benefits of a complete financial ecosystem on the blockchain. Join us!

September 14, 2018