Test Your Favorite Dapps Pre-MCD Launch

30 October 2019

The planned launch of Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) is November 18—less than three weeks away! To ensure a smooth upgrade from Single-Collateral Dai (Sai) to MCD for all in the Maker ecosystem, we are working closely with our partners to connect our test deployments of MCD with their test environments. Additionally, as part of our MCD security roadmap, we’re battle-testing the smart contracts to uncover any integration issues early. These efforts help ensure that your favorite decentralized applications (dapps) featuring Dai on the Maker Protocol support MCD functionality immediately upon launch.

Below is a list of partners that have already integrated with one of our MCD Kovan testnet deployments. Some offer test environments, which we encourage users to take advantage of at their convenience. Individual user testing not only greatly benefits the ecosystem, but also assists in the success of MCD by uncovering integration issues before launch. If you need Kovan ETH for testing the partner apps below, use this faucet.


The Maker Foundation continues to work to ensure a seamless and secure transition from Single-Collateral Dai to Multi-Collateral Dai for all projects that interact with the Maker Protocol. Testing helps us meet that goal.

If you’re a developer with an app you’d like to test-integrate with MCD, review the following resources or contact the Integration team for assistance:

Please join us in our mission to shape the future of commerce on the blockchain. To learn more about MCD, read our MCD-related blog posts. To learn more about MakerDAO, join the conversation on the Maker Forum.

30 October 2019