The Maker Improvement Proposals (MIPs) Timing Poll is Live

April 27, 2020

Today, April 27, just 21 days after publication of the initial Maker Improvement Proposals (MIPs), the Maker governance Timing Poll is live

Please signal your support for one of the two options listed below. The Timing Poll will determine whether or not the 13 Initial MIPs and 2 subproposals—the MIP Editor Onboarding Subproposal  and the Smart Contracts Domain Team Onboarding Subproposal—will move onto a Ratification Vote on May 1.

Timing Poll Options:

  1. Proceed with the Ratification Vote of the 13 proposed MIPs and 2 subproposals immediately.
  2. Delay the Ratification Vote for one month (to allow time for competing proposals to be submitted by the Maker community).

Next Steps after the Timing Poll 

  1. Approval to proceed with the Ratification Vote
    If the Timing Poll resolves to proceed with the Ratification Vote of the proposed MIPs, the vote will occur over four days, May 1-4. If that vote resolves to "Yes," the MIPs will be officially ratified and marked as “Accepted,” and the first Governance Cycle will begin on May 4. Once the Governance Cycle has begun, the formal submission of MIPs and Subproposals will occur between May 4 and May 6.
  2. Delay the Ratification Vote one month
    If the Timing Poll resolves to "no", the Ratification Vote is effectively delayed for one month, where a competition process would begin immediately. The competition process is a MIPs proposal process, where multiple versions of MIPs can be proposed as alternative choices to the initially proposed MIPs. For example, several versions of MIP3, which describe the Governance Cycle, might be presented.

The deadline for submitting competing proposals would be May 20. The community would then proceed to vote for the proposal version they want to be included in the final MIP Set and put up for the ratification vote. Voting would occur May 23-26.

Lastly, the final Ratification Vote would begin on May 27 and end on May 30. If resolved to “Yes,” the MIPs will be officially ratified and marked as “Accepted,” and the first Governance Cycle would begin June 1.

About Maker Improvement Proposals

MIPs support the organic growth that further expands MakerDAO’s self-sustainability by providing the Maker community and all stakeholders with a standard approach to proposing improvements, specifications, and process and state changes to the Maker Protocol and MakerDAO. 

While initial MIP proposals have been drafted and released, and the community has begun discussions, the community may propose competing MIPs. All final decisions will be made by MKR voters.  

Learn More

Visit the  Maker Improvement Proposals Category in the Maker Forum or the #mips channel to discuss topics related to MIPs, the Self-Sustaining MakerDAO Initiative, and long-run governance. Lastly, visit the official MIPs Github page for up-to-date activity related to Maker Improvement Proposals. 

April 27, 2020