ATTENTION SAI USERS: Global settlement of Sai will occur Dec 22, please convert your Sai to Dai.

December 20, 2017

Thank you for joining us in the successful launch of Dai. For next steps, we will be winding down Sai. Global Settlement of Sai is scheduled for Friday, December 22.

What does this mean for Sai users?

Global Settlement will be activated this Friday, December 22.

Thus, we recommend all users of Sai and Sai CDPs exit their positions in the system, and move to Dai before Friday.

Moving from Sai to Dai is simple: Sai users can purchase Dai 1:1 on

CDP users can either:

  • Buy Sai with ETH and close their Sai CDP
  • Open a new Dai CDP ( and buy Sai with Dai, and then close their Sai CDP

PLEASE NOTE: Sai users who do not exit the system before this Friday may have to wait until the global settlement is processed. This could take up to a week.

December 20, 2017