Dai and CDP Hackathon Projects

September 21, 2018

Over the past two weekends, the Maker team was involved in three hackathons: EthBerlin, Wyohackathon, and Whacked Blocks in Warsaw. 14 teams submitted a Dai-related project, and a short description of them and devpost links are below. In total, these teams won over 9,000 Dai!

Wyohackathon Submissions:

Token Subscription

Content publishers deploy a smart contract on Ethereum with parameters for a subscription including destination address, token address, token amount, and period of recurrence. The publisher then supplies a link to the subscriber that is presented with the terms of the subscription to sign an off-chain meta transaction that is replayed on the defined period. The subscriber controls the flow of the tokens (starting, stopping, pausing, etc) using the ERC20 standard approve() function.




A better interface for interacting with multi-signature smart contracts — by creating “Proposals” which require sign off by multiple parties, that allow you to send not only Ether, but execute functionality on other smart contracts.




The ERC721 token provides a mechanism to track and claim the beneficial use of the water. By proving this beneficial use and “branding” the water via the ERC721 token, the state of Wyoming can bank this water downstream.



Maintains the genetic profiles of cattle on the blockchain and, allowing genetic herd management and fractional ownership.




Events are sent for ERC-20 transfers and Mint and Burn operations from the DAI contract and post it to a slack channel when a message is posted noting that tokens moved or were minted/burned. Using AWS Lambda serverless protocols! By Danno Ferrin.



Electronic Corporate Formation

We wanted to help Wyomingites take advantage of the 5 pro-blockchain laws that are now in effect. The Secretary of State now has a ledger of corporate blockchain addresses.



Trustin Me

As a trust anchor, we utilize APIs from the data already available through places such as banks, the government, hospitals, social media profiles, and more to form an aggregate of a person’s identity. By Shayan Shokrgozar and Drew Patel.



Undertaker and Petrix

A cryptocurrency trade strategy scanner, that allows cryptocurrency traders to quickly find potential trading opportunities. Sifts through hundreds of cryptos and their data in a manner of minutes. Made by the Shenanigans team.



ETHBerlin Submissions:

CDP Liquidator

A service that allows users who do not have enough liquidity to pay a smart contract to close their CDP for them (and thus significantly reduce the cost of liquidation). Made by David Terry and Lorenzo Manacorda.


MakerDAO SuperDashboard

A tool that helps Maker DAO’s CDP owners analyze balances and performance of their collateral.



Split bills with your ETHBerlin friends using dai! Made by Chronologic and Polymath teams. https://devpost.com/software/spliteth

Meme Lordz

A fully decentralized meme token market.


Whacked Blocks Submission:

Dai Bite Keeper

This NodeJS app is a bot for monitoring Collateralized Debt Positions and biting them as soon as they become unsafe. It depends on Dai.js library.


Thank you to the event organizers and the hackers, MakerDAO is very happy with the results!

September 21, 2018