Game On: Maker and Axie Infinity Partner – Receive Dai-themed NFTs for opening CDPs

10th June 2019

Maker and Axie Infinity, Inc. have teamed up to bring Dai to one of the biggest and most popular blockchain games.

Axie Infinity is a digital-pet universe with a player-owned economy facilitated by blockchain technology. In the Axie universe, players breed, raise, battle, and collect, fantasy creatures called Axies. Similar to trading cards, Axies are assets that players own and can exchange.

While the introduction of Dai into the Axie world means players now have a stable in-game currency, integration benefits go far beyond that. For a limited time, proven CDP (Collateral Debt Position) owners can claim unique and Dai-themed Rare, Epic, and Mystic NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in-game, depending on the amount of Dai drawn from their CDPs.  Beyond looking awesome and the social clout they provide, these NFTs serve in-game purposes as well:

Please join the Axie Discord channel and post in the #support channel for any questions related to the exclusive NFT promotion.

In addition, Axie Infinity players can earn Dai. Not only will Maker award 1000 Dai to the top Axie trainers for Ladder Season One , but also add 1000 Dai to the prize pool of the first real-time battle tournament.

Maker and Gaming: A Match to Dai For

These are the early days of blockchain gaming, and the Maker Foundation sees Dai becoming a critical component as that industry grows. Gaming is a great way to introduce new audiences to Dai through unique integrations. Many people acquire their first crypto