Making Maker: September 2018

September 22, 2018

First and foremost, a big thank you to our community for bringing Maker closer to the ultimate vision these past two weeks. We were proud to carry out the first Maker Governance Vote and see our Foundation Proposal pass with flying colors. Massive shoutout to those that went through the process and provided feedback.

Multi-Collateral Dai Code is live on Kovan TestNet

A major milestone for the project has been reached. The code is ready and waiting for you to check out, along with the formal verification proofs! Find out all about it here in a blog penned by Maker CTO Andy Milenius.

Hackathons, Speeches and Funding Devs

We’ve been busy funding Maker development at the ETH Berlin, Wyoming Wyohackathon, and Warsaw Whacked Blocks Hackathons these past couple weeks. Our Head of Oracles, Mariano Conti, spoke to a crowded ETH Berlin about oracles and signed messaging, while Bartek, the Head of Oasis, spoke to Warsaw about Maker and Oasis. Meanwhile, Sean and Ethan from Maker Integrations gave a Dai.js workshop to a Wyoming audience that included the likes of Joe Lubin. Shout out to all the Maker speakers and hackers that came out. Check out Sean’s post recapping the awesome projects here.

Funding Fun

Lastly, shout out to all the people that got dappy with us at the first ever Maker Dappy Hour in Berlin.

It was great to see Dai take over Radler’s Bar as the preferred payment method. Part of that takeover was the introduction of collectable, physical Dai tokens that through QR code magic dropped Dai into your Status wallets. If you missed out, don’t fret as the tokens are coming back and we’ll be taking over a San Francisco drinking hole soon so stay tuned for the details to come.


Dai was integrated to the Needslist platform, giving a concrete way to put your cryptocurrency to use for Hurricane Florence relief and disasters around the world. The Maker team is matching up to $5k in Dai donations, and any help is appreciated!

Changelly and Totle both listed Dai on their exchanges, giving more liquidity for their users and stability for those seeking it.

September 22, 2018