Making Maker: April 2018

April 14, 2018

These past couple weeks have been some exciting times for Maker. It feels like a new day = a new announcement. Here’s a run down of the new collaborations and updates of the past fortnight.


  • Maker is collaborating with OmiseGO. OMG shares our vision of a decentralized economy. This week we partnered with them to bring the world closer to financial revolution. Read the full announcement, and then see the TL;DR below:
  1. Dai stablecoin will soon be available on the OMG network
  2.  OMG token will shortly begin the collateral assessment process for issuing Dai.

    • The team also shared big news for Korea. We’ve partnered with the key Korean exchange GOPAX. GOPAX has introduced MKR/KRW pairing and in the near future will be using Dai as a quote currency. This way the Dai stablecoin will be traded against all other pairs on the exchange — eliminating the need for fiat.
    • The exchanges Bitfinex and Ethfinex have begun trading Dai. We’re pleased to see increases in Dai stablecoin liquidity.
  • Kyber Network — a decentralized exchange service that facilitates instant conversion of cryptoassets — has integrated its first stablecoin: DAI.

Additional Maker Progress

    • Our Head of Risk announced the Token Collateral Framework (TCF) is being developed. This indicates a quantitative and qualitative improvement. Once in place onboarding new tokens will become a more rigorous process.
  • Design improvements are underway — Creation of a global Maker style guide, prototyping and testing Governance wireframes, building a new Dai dashboard, and started work on a new marketing website.

    • Andy delivered two exceptional lectures at Stanford this past week. He delivered the first guest lecture of Stanford’s CS 359B (dApp course) Speaking to enthusiastic students on the ethical and practical implications of building decentralized applications. He then delivered a 90 minute lecture to an intrigued crowd of 100+ in one of Stanford’s auditoriums. We’re grateful for the intelligent questions and discussion from the crowd.
  • We are exploring more options for community meetings as we progress towards multi-collateral Dai. There will not be a meeting next week but in the following week look forward to something other than Teamspeak as we experiment with options.
April 14, 2018