Making Maker : January 2019

February 11, 2019

We’re excited to kickoff the new year with a packed month. With over 75 million Dai generated, it’s exciting to embark on this journey together towards decentralized finance. In this month’s update, we share the next steps to a fully decentralized Dai through the Maker Ecosystem Growth Group, amazing integrations and use cases for Dai adoption.

See below for highlights of the latest with MakerDAO.

Introducing the Maker Ecosystem Growth Group

As we get closer to Multi-Collateral Dai on mainnet, it’s time for the Maker Foundation to continue evolving in order to support a fully decentralized and independent Dai. The ultimate goal is to ensure that MakerDAO has the infrastructure and momentum required for long term, decentralized success.

Read more about the Maker Ecosystem Growth Group here.

UNICEF France Accepts Dai Donations

We’re dedicated to a mission of global impact and proud to share that UNICEF France is accepting Dai to fund global bounties. Individuals can donate Dai to fund open source explorations of blockchain for social impact. The projects stem from the great initiatives of UNICEF Ventures, a financial organization that invests in emerging blockchain projects.

Read more here.

InstaDapp Tracks Your CDPs and Launches a “Looping CDP”

InstaDapp is building a decentralized bank using MakerDAO technology. In their rise in the permissionless debt market, InstaDapp has issued over 61,000 DAI with over 1,100 ETH locked as collateral.

They have some recent exciting developments. You can now get CDP email alerts from MakerScan, a MakerDAO Explorer that tracks CDPs, built as an independent initiative by the InstaDApp team. The InstaDapp team also introduced the ability to initiate 3x recursive leverage long on ETH locked in your MakerDAO CDP.

Check out the tool:

Dai in the Wild:

Tune In — Listen to the Latest

On Laura Shin’s Unchained, Rune Christensen discusses Dai, MKR, how Dai is created with a collateralized debt position, keepers, oracles and black swan events. Check out Part 1 and stay tuned for Part 2 on how Multi-Collateral Dai functions.

Additionally, check out Wyre’s podcast series, featuring Steven Becker on the intricacies of risk management.

Meet MakerDAO

It’s been great to see so many community members at meetups. This past month, we spoke at numerous local events, including CES, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Coinlist’s Building Blocks, China Blockchain Expert event, Startup Copenhagen and more. Check out Steven Becker during The Digital Money Forum during CES.

The Digital Money Forum during CES.
February 11, 2019