Making Maker: July 2018

July 14, 2018

Maker has kicked off July with some big stuff. Check it out:

Partnership Updates:

Supply Chain Financing with Dai

We’ve partnered with Tradeshift to expedite supply chain financing with the Dai stablecoin. Tradeshift and Maker announced this collaboration in Zug at the TechCrunch Blockchain Sessions event July 6.

“The trade receivables market has very tight margins, which leaves no room for a volatile digital currency as instrument for settlement,” said Tradeshift co-founder Gert Sylvest. He continued, “The Dai Credit System is a unique vision for a transparent and stable token that allows anyone to represent real-world currency settlements on the blockchain.”

Also at TechCrunch Blockchain Sessions, Vitalik Buterin was spotted in a familiar shirt:

Details on how to buy this T-shirt with Dai….coming soon.

Foundation Proposal and Governance Meetings:

We released our Foundation Proposal on June 20. The proposal discusses five core principles of Maker Governance philosophy: Scientific Governance, 20% Principle*, Sustainable Finance, Gradual Decentralization and Strong Market Focus.

Maker is increasing its focus towards decentralized governance. We will be voting on this proposal in the first public MKR vote on August 22, and holding numerous discussions with the community beforehand. Check our subreddit for updates on when these are happening. You can also get up to speed with the most recent meetings here on our Youtube channel. Watch the first one below:

Dai Updates:

We #RaisedDaiRoof

Maker recently reached the debt ceiling of 50 million Dai. With that, the new ceiling was increased to 100 million. Learn the steps we took to do so, and why this is such a major milestone for Maker.

Dai is also now a quote currency on HitBTC, with a variety of parings including BTC/DAI, ETH/DAI, EOS/DAI and more. MKR is also trading on the exchange.

The Ethereum browser featured Dai as well.

*The 20 percent principle refers to the Maker Foundation’s proposal to allocate an amount of MKR from the dev fund (that corresponds to 20% of the total MKR supply) to continuously finance charitable initiatives or direct giving schemes that use Dai as the financial infrastructure.

July 14, 2018