Making Maker: May 2018 (Part 2)

June 2, 2018

Maker’s seen a lot of momentum these past two weeks. Last week, around 45 members of the growing Maker team gathered in New Orleans for our all-hands retreat. The meeting of the team in the Big Easy enabled an exchange of ideas and memories. Highlights ranged from planning the multi-collateral Dai launch to a swamp & gator tour by airboat.


Maker, Dether and ConsenSys have launched Project Bifrost! The partnership uses Dai to expedite and reduce the cost of delivering of cash on the ground in crisis areas. This goes hand-in-hand with our vision of making Dai accessible to the world, empowering all individuals, no matter where they’re located.

Lendroid has launched Reloanr — a complementary secondary market for Dai loans. Users that own Dai can offer it at an interest to users that want to borrow Dai.

We’ve partnered with Airswap. You can now buy/sell MKR and/or DAI on this leading crypto marketplace.

Maker has integrated Dai with Hydro protocol — Dai is now trading on DDEX.

Maker has partnered with Gitcoin and Colony in the Colony Global Hackathon taking place June 5–24. BUIDL hacks with the new colonyJS tools and get paid in Dai via Gitcoin

    • $25k in prizes (paid in Dai)
    • 16 amazing judges
  • New colonyJS tools

Events — Where we’ve been & where we’re going:

ETH Buenos Aires was an inspirational display of Maker’s momentum. Within the opening ceremony alone, 3 presentations (besides ours) shouted out Maker and Dai.

The hackathon + buidlathon enabled us to share Maker with 300 devs and numerous thought leaders. Maker President Matt Richards took the stage, as well as Mariano Conti, BA local and Maker’s Head of Feeds, delivered his ‘Live Free, Dai Hard’ talk to a full room of excited BUIDLERS.

As a result, there were so many talented hacks on the Maker platform, we couldn’t pick just one. We decided to award 5 talented hacker teams MKR for their awesome contributions on the Maker platform. Look out for what’s to come on winning projects like the Dai Sprinkler on the TokenToilet.

After the enthusiasm, talent and community surrounding Maker at ETHBA we are doubly excited to open a Maker office in Buenos Aires.

You’ll also catch us at many more ETHGlobal events to come this summer/fall:

    • ETHSingapore July 27th — 29th
    • ETHIndia (Bangalore) August 10th-12th
    • ETHBerlin September 7th-9th
  • ETHSanFrancisco October 5th-7th

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June 2, 2018