Making Maker: June 2018

June 23, 2018

Maker has its sights firmly set on launching Multi-Collateral Dai this summer, but in the meantime, there are some needed milestones that must be hit prior to going live. The release of the Maker Foundation Proposal is one of them, and read beyond it to see all the other things the team is working on putting into place to generate momentum for launch.

Heavy Reading: The Maker Foundation Proposal

Rune released the Maker Foundation Proposal this past Wednesday. With the first ever public MKR vote approaching, this proposal gives a look into how Maker is thinking about achieving decentralized governance.

We held a community meeting with Rune on Friday morning with the purpose of discussing the key topics and addressing questions. If you missed it, you can watch below, or on our YouTube channel. This first meeting focused largely on the 20 Percent Principle.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be holding a series of these meetings so that we can better dive into the different sections of the proposal and speak to each other’s questions. Feel free to reach out with questions on reddit so we can plan to speak to these in future meetings.

Light Reading

Rolled out a blog series on why stablecoins matter, a breakdown of Dai and the key differences between stablecoins.

Integrated with 8x Protocol on their initiative of creating recurring payments on the blockchain.

Recent & Upcoming Events

Our Head of Risk, Steven Becker, wowed the crowds of Stanford’s CPC Crypto DevCon on Tuesday June 12. Steven spoke on a governance panel where he delivered substantive ideas alongside Jon Choi of the Ethereum Foundation, Chance Du of Coefficient Protocol, Niraj Pant of Polychain Capital, and Ali Yahya of Andreessen Horowitz.

The panel was moderated by Cassandra Shi of the Ethereum Community Fund. Steven explained his thoughts on how decentralized governance will change future business structures and ways to achieve governance in the short and the long term.

“The goal of MakerDAO is to facilitate economic growth on the Blockchain and economic empowerment with the blockchain” — Steven Becker

SF ETH Dev Meetup

  • Our Senior Developer, Nik Kunkel, gave an overview on how to #LiveFreeDaiHard to the SF ETH Dev Meetup this past Thursday. He also previewed the slick new CDP portal for the first time. Tyler Sorensen of Integrations then continued the momentum with a sneak preview into Maker.js.

BuildETH — Thursday, June 28 at Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco

  • Hang out/buidl with us at the Ethereum dev conference for building Dapps. Maker’s counsel, Chris Padovano, will be delivering a keynote titled Law and Economics around Dapps. Then the Integrations Team will be leading a workshop/sneak preview of Maker.js. Reach out on our chat if you want a discount ticket.

DApperNetwork Bootcamp — Saturday, June 30 at Starfish Mission in San Francisco

  • Our integrations team are back to mentor and preview Maker.js to a group of new devs. Feel free to apply.

TechCrunch Zug Session

  • Rune and team will be in Zug for the TechCrunch Blockchain sessions and Ethereum Meetup July 6 and 7. Stay tuned for his breakout session.

ETHBerlin Sept 7–9

  • Maker is very excited about ETHBerlin. If you are interested in joining us at this hackathon check the event out and apply to hack.

Interested in Maker? Join us!

We’ve added new positions recently, and we're looking for relevant candidates to do kick-ass work with our team.

June 23, 2018