Making Maker: March 2018 (Part 1)

March 17, 2018

News and Updates from MakerDAO

Maker is thrilled with the progress leading up to our game-changing launch of multiple collateral types. As we build our way to multi-collateral Dai, our hard-working teams will continue to execute on weekly initiatives. Check out some of Maker’s highlights from this past week:

    • The Dai Dashboard was just listed as a featured dapp on Coinbase’s browser for the Ethereum network
    • Maker has  partnered with Shark Relay — a relayer using the Øx Protocol to facilitate a friendly UX to find, sell, and buy tokens. We are working together to enable more users a friendly, streamlined CDP creation process on the relayer platform.
  • Rune joined Kevin Rose on his Block Zero podcast, explaining and answering questions about Maker & Dai. Definitely worth a listen!

Behind the new partnerships and press, our Dev teams continue to make progress. This past week the teams reached the following goalposts:

Dev Updates


    • Trail of Bits audit starting. This week will focus on current price-feed and medianizer contracts and the setzer software.
    • Added more oracles for the next version of feeds (terra software)
  • Oracle Security Module ready for audit


  • It should be considered beta software and will continue to be improved and expanded.

Keepers and Liquidity

We spent last week preparing our setup to be able to market make on a much more significant number of pairs. This included some architecture overhaul, as well as:

    • Building a trade database.
    • Building a set of connectors to populate the trade database with our own and also all market trades from a few exchanges. Building a tiny Bittrex interface needed for it.
    • Extending the GLME model with the ability to pull data from two new exchanges.
  • Allowing distinct buy and sell prices to be used for market making.


    • The JavaScript library is finished and has now implemented most Proof of Concept functionality
  • In the coming sprint, we’ll create the documentation including the API docs and a couple of “recipes” for common scenarios


  • Created matrix of top 50+ most asked questions
March 17, 2018