Making Maker:  Nov 2018

November 30, 2018

To kick off the latest updates with “Making Maker”, we thought we’d share some interesting stats. With the recent market volatility, plus the on-going growth of Maker, here’s a snapshot of the latest:

    • Total CDPs opened = 4603
    • Total ETH Locked Up = 1,396,009.825 ETH (~ 1.3489% of total supply)
  • 252.360 MKR burned from stability fees

Join Us in Celebrating Merry Merkle South Africa

Status is hosting Merry Merkle, a fantastic giving event, for the second year in a row. This year, you can help build a school in South Africa for over 100 children eager to learn. By donating just a bit of Dai, ETH, or SNT, you can make a big difference. Merry Merkle integrated with our price oracle for ETH/USD exchanges, making donations easier.

Passionate about Maker? Contribute through the MakerDAO Core Community Development Initiative

We’re focused on fostering an open environment where critical conversations are encouraged, and where our stakeholders can speak directly to the teams involved with building out our products. This new initiative aims to directly foster the growth of the MakerDAO ecosystem by focusing on our community’s most motivated members. This includes a fund, bounties and more.

Read more here.

Keep Building with Maker

We’re excited to see so many projects integrate Dai in new ways. For example, BlockMason allows users to split bills or make small loans with friends with Dai! SimpleSwap has integrated Dai, letting users quickly & easily exchange a variety of coins for Dai without a sign up. MedCredits enables you to pay with Dai in their global healthcare market. And many more, stay tuned on social to hear the latest!

Fantastic Week in Prague at DevCon

We had a whirlwind of a week in Prague, where we saw so much love for Ethereum and the Maker project. A huge thank you to our community for the tremendous support throughout this rewarding journey to bring forward a decentralized future for finance.

Read more about the week here.

Maker IRL

We’re passionate about our developer community and love seeing creative new projects integrate elements from the Maker Ecosystem. Join us in hacking fun projects at these hackathons. Recent events include Cryptolifeand Blockchain Summit Latin America Colombia. Winning projects can discuss continued support from the MakerDAO Core Community Development Fund.

Additionally, we love meetups, our gatherings are about building strong community and providing a forum for sharing knowledge. We have meetups around the world, such as this one we attended in Denmark.

MakerDAO partners with Ripio to bring Dai to South America via fiat on/off ramp

Dai is now available on the Ripio exchange! For the first time, users in South America will be able to buy and sell Dai through Ripio, and its app, jointly achieving a new milestone in financial development of the region. Easily exchange Dai with Argentine #Pesos, Brazilian Reales, and Mexican Pesos.

Multi-Collateral Dai is Coming to Town!

It’s coming soon! The team has been heads down in bringing you MCD. Learn what we are working on to prepare the full MCD release and clarify the scope of what will be delivered.

Easily Create CDP’s: Check out our new CDP Portal!

We’re pleased to announce the release of the new CDP Portal for single collateral Dai. The new dapp enables you to easily create CDP’s, simplifying the process through an intuitive interface and by streamlining PETH/WETH logic for users. The new CDP Portal allows you to interact with the permissionless smart contracts constituting the Dai Credit System, such as opening and managing your CDPs. Get started today!

Read the announcement here.

November 30, 2018