Update: The Road to Multi-Collateral Dai—Kovan Release v0.2.3

April 10, 2019


Two weeks ago, we announced the release of MCD v0.2.2 on the Kovan testnet. The release was met with great response from the community! Thank you to everyone who tested and provided feedback.

As promised in the announcement, updates will be posted here as we continue testnet releases on our road to the mainnet release of the Multi-Collateral Dai core contracts and their interaction with Maker core products and tools. As we progress, our goal is to be as transparent as possible with the community and consistently clarify the scope of releases.

This post provides an update on the second release, MCD v0.2.3, the details of which include development updates to the following areas: 

Descriptive Changelog (v0.2.2 <> v0.2.3) 


Since the v0.2.2 Kovan release, the following has been changed and/or added for the newest 0.2.3 release:



The following projects have been updated to use the new Kovan deployment: 

New Contract Addresses and Contract Changes 

For the v0.2.3 release, we have re-released the collateral and MKR tokens. This means that if you are looking to test and experiment with product UIs, you will need to get the newest versions of the collateral and MKR tokens.

Core System Contracts

Contract NameDescriptionContract Address
MCD_VATThe CDP core engine keeps track of DAI credit system accounting. 0x2dfb8277bbed6f85e4c6bc2ab37ac297c3cc858a
MCD_CATThe user-facing gateway contract for liquidating (biting) CDPs.0x6465ec75870a2f5995506109937d794a38eb9fe9
MCD_FLAPThe flap auction contract is responsible for buying and burning MKR when the system has a surplus.0x7733b45eb0179fc35dfee386f36f14f5e8c03738
MCD_FLOPThe flop auction contract is responsible for minting and selling MKR to cover bad debt.0xafd6f1b0c8ede8e0ac36cc9d0e2788dd779b81c5

MKR Governance Token Contract

Contract Name DescriptionContract Address
MCD_GOVThe MKR governance token contract.0x770272c5847d718612e6aa4ee552e5ea64e1b7d8

DAI Stablecoin Contracts

Contract NameDescriptionContract Name
MCD_DAIThe DAI stablecoin contract.0x3d9305d9f2987b86ea8f7233d813105ef3c6a777
MCD_JOIN_DAIThe DAI adapter is responsible for minting and burning DAI.0xdf5a2df07b5a4b83b2bd654996b33e6345b7779a

ETH Collateral Contracts

Contract NameDescriptionContract Address
MCD_JOIN_ETH_AThe ETH adapter is responsible for joining and exiting ETH collateral.
MCD_FLIP_ETH_AThe ETH flip auction contract is responsible for selling off ETH collateral for DAI when a CDP is liquidated.

Collateral 1 Contracts

Contract NameDescriptionContract Address
COL1Collateral 1 token contract.
MCD_JOIN_COL1_AThe COL1 adapter is responsible for joining and exiting COL1 collateral.
MCD_FLIP_COL1_AThe COL1 flip auction contract is responsible for selling off COL1 collateral for DAI when a CDP is liquidated 0x3497b737d43715b8a3be4a01c6a5f5b0d1060b93

To access the full list of contracts, please go here

Key Smart Contract Functionality Changes 

To see the details of the changes, please visit the release of the newest  testchain-dss-deployment-scripts

The Most Significant Changes in the Release

Please note that the `mcd-cli` is out of date and, therefore, is not part of this release.

User Interface Changes

Governance Dashboard

Release Details

CDP Portal 

Release Details


Release Details

Next Steps

We are now another step closer to achieving Multi-Collateral Dai! When building a system like this, it is crucial to get feedback—not just from internal teams, but also from the entire Maker ecosystem. Please join our public #product-feedback channel on Rocket.Chat to provide feedback and ask any questions you may have.

You can also provide product feedback on the CDP Portal using Usersnap. You do not have to install a Chrome extension to do so. The Usersnap widget allows you to make comments right away.

Getting MakerDAO Updates

To receive updates on Maker, go to https://makerdao.com/en/ and in the bottom right corner of the page, you will find the “Sign up for the latest content and updates” button. Please enter you email and hit ’Subscribe’. If you are interested in learning more about creating a product or tool that leverages the Dai Credit System, contact the product team via Rocket.Chat.

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April 10, 2019