Web3 and Blockchain Tech Edu Is the Focus of Maker’s FriDAI Brunch Series

October 30, 2020

Web3 and DeFi are just two of the latest buzz words in the world of internet technology. And like many new tech movements, pinning down what they’re all about isn’t easy for some. 

The Maker Foundation’s Community Leads know first hand how daunting learning new technologies can be, especially for beginners. They’ve all been there. And it’s the main reason why Maria Magenes, Maker’s Community Lead for Europe and Africa, started her FriDAI Brunch monthly meetup series. As host, she offers tech and blockchain newbies and old-schoolers alike a welcoming space to learn about and discuss those topics and more. Her friendly, laid-back gatherings have been well attended and are gaining in popularity, thanks to special guests sharing their experiences and opinions on everything from working in new tech spaces and product design to decentralized governance and digital art and crypto collectibles. 

So, if you have questions about Web3 and blockchain tech, or you want to brush up on either, FriDAI Brunches could be just what you need. 

Feed Your Mind at Maker’s FriDAI Brunches

Held on the first Friday of each month, the Brunches are free, hour-long virtual events that explore new technologies—providing everything from the basics of blockchain and crypto to opportunities to sink your teeth into the latest decentralized applications and initiatives. While the panel and more intimate discussions cover a wide range of topics, the aim of the series is to make learning both accessible and fun for all—newcomers and experts alike.   

Maria Magenes, who before joining the Maker Foundation spent several years as a marketer in conventional organizations, jumped into the blockchain space two years ago as a newbie. So, she understands what FriDAI Brunch attendees are looking for from her meetups. 

“I remember what it was like to learn from scratch; it wasn't easy,” she says. “But now I’m able to give back, and it feels great. I love meeting the people who attend, and I always learn something new from the guests.”

Maria’s ever-expanding guest list includes tech experts from in and outside of the crypto space and, of course, Maker Foundation team members. Her attendees join from regions across the globe. 

FriDAI Brunch

What: A buffet of Web3 and blockchain topics suitable for all

Where: Virtual, first Friday of the month 

Details: https://www.crowdcast.io/makerdao

You’ve Got FOMO? We’ve Got You Covered

Like all the best brunches, FriDAI Brunches are packed with enjoyable treats and leave everyone looking forward to the next one. Catch up on the first five by reading the descriptions below and diving into the recordings. 

1. So You Wanna Work in Web 3.0? (June)

To kick the series off, Gustav Arentoft, the Maker Foundation’s Business Development Associate in Europe, and Lea Schmitt, Product Partnership Manager at Centrifuge, chatted about what it’s like to forge a career in the fast-paced, sometimes daunting, and often bizarre new world of DeFi.

2. Global Tech Networks, Local DeFi Communities (July)

Jocelyn Chang, the Maker Foundation’s Community Lead in Southeast Asia, joined Maria to co-host a fascinating Brunch about how DeFi is currently used in India and Malaysia. Sai Teja, Smart Contract developer at Nuo and Founder of Just DeFi, and Harith Kamarul, Community Manager at Etherscan, shared their insights on building diverse communities in their countries and the opportunities DeFi offers for finance and savings co-op applications for Islamic users.

3. Designed for Success (August)

If you build it, they will come—but they will only stay if you provide a fantastic user experience. Henry Doe, Head of Design at the Maker Foundation, and Lili Feyerabend, a freelance designer for PoolTogether, talked about how the old paradigms of design don’t cut it for Web3 applications, and why it’s so important to wrap the complexity of these new platforms behind a simple UX. 

4. Decentralized Governance for Dummies (September)

Charles St. Louis, Decentralized Governance Architect for the Maker Foundation, explained how MakerDAO’s decentralized governance works, and how the organization is moving toward complete decentralization. To make the serious topic fun, he gave attendees a light-hearted quiz, after which he presented the winners with Dai-branded socks.

5. The NiFTy World of Crypto Collectibles (October)

From CryptoKitties to Cruel Summer Bears, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are becoming more popular and used in big business. Serena Tabacchi, CEO of the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art; Kate Vass, owner of Kate Vass Galerie; and Artur Sychov, CEO of Somnium Space, joined Maria to give Brunchers a tour of the intriguing world of digital art and crypto collectibles. NFTs are gaining adoption among artists and collectors, and Dai is quickly becoming the currency of the digital art and culture market.

November’s FriDAI Brunch

Join Maria at the next FriDAI Brunch (November 6, 3pm CEST) for a conversation with Maker Foundation Board Member Shefali Roy, followed by a panel discussion about breaking the glass ceiling. The discussion, which will be moderated by Spandana Suddapalli, Senior People Operations Manager at the Foundation, will focus on how the blockchain space is becoming more inclusive, and will include valuable career tips. Panelists as of this writing:

Attendees of November’s Brunch (and all FriDAI Brunches) can also look forward to claiming a numbered, collectible FriDAI Brunch NFT through a partnership with POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol), an open source initiative that enables event organizers to distribute crypto badges to participants.

Every FriDAI Brunch is free and open to all. Join with a cup of coffee or tea and a bite, and be sure to bring your curiosity! If you lead a DeFi project or have blockchain experience that others might find interesting, contact Maria to suggest a topic.   

Learn more about MakerDAO and why Dai is the most-used cryptocurrency in DeFi by exploring the Maker blog and joining the conversions on the Maker Forum. And don’t forget to follow Maria on Twitter, as well as Lenka Hudáková, Maker Foundation’s Events Manager, who helps organize FriDAI Brunches and every other Maker event!

October 30, 2020