Announcing #cryptolife Hackathon Winners

November 9, 2018

We had a great time sponsoring the Status #cryptolife hackathon; it was rewarding to see so many creative projects and passionate teams.

We’re proud to share that over half the teams hacking at #cryptolife integrated elements from the Maker Ecosystem and even using xDai by POA! While there were many exciting projects, we selected five winners that exemplified creative approaches to integrating Maker. We awarded 5000 Dai in prizes. Each winner received 1000 Dai for their approach.

Additionally, winning projects have the option to discuss continued support from the MakerDAO Core Community Development Fund.

Without further ado, here are some of our winners:

Detsy — Decentralized Etsy Platform

Detsy built a prototype for a decentralized platform where anyone call sell their products online. In particular, this platform is targeted towards empowering those who don’t have access to advanced banking systems. This enables sellers to build a business around their goods, transacting without relying on the volatile local currency. They were inspired by Mariano’s #cryptolife keynote talk on living in fragile economies.

Additionally, the platform allows shoppers to access locally produced goods, with the option to pay with Dai or credit card. When goods are purchased, sellers receive Dai. The platform integrated BloomID for secure login to enable safe transactions.

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Dapp House — Shared Living

Dapp House enables shared living payments, governed by a smart contract. The platform built a contract that allows for a house bond and for payments to be split among a group. The project was inspired by the team living in a sharehouse in Sydney. Share houses are known as rental places with spaces separate from a private room where the residents can gather together to “share” and “exchange” in a new and exciting way of living. We’re excited for real world applications that benefit from decentralization.

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Emergency Travel — Crowdsourced Flights for Refugees

This is an inspiration project that aimed to tackle some of the most challenging aid problems the world faces today. Today, refugees fleeing their countries often end up in equally precarious situations and face great uncertainty as they escape. Existing relief infrastructure (self-organized volunteers and collaborating organizations) is unable to quickly and effectively address the issue of traveling safely.

The Emergency Travel platform allows for sponsors, such as an airline, food supplier or aid organization to open a crowdsource campaign to pay for the emergency travel of people in desperate need. Funds are deposited by individuals and held in escrow using modified WindingTree contracts. The platform is built upon the POA Networks xDai sidechain (using Dai as it’s native token), where the system is price stable, fast and cheap.

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Protea — Incentivizing Community Growth

Protea introduced Bonded Communities, a platform for physical and digital communities. This is an ecosystem that aims to curate and incentivize the growth of communities through curation markets. It features the following principles:

    1. Bonding your community on value and reputation using token bonding curves.
    1. Get people to really contribute value by staked events contracts and show up to your community events.
  1. Funding for common goals & initiatives. Showcasing the value and trade attention in your community.

Here’s how it works:

The contract allows you to deploy a bonded community:

    1. An organizer deploys a new bonded community (token bonded curve backed by DAI or ERC20s like SNT or MKR). She defines simple parameters (curve, price & supply) and stakes collateral (e.g. $100) into the bonded community and receives the first tokens.
    1. Members join and stake DAI (e.g. $5) and receive community tokens.
    1. As more members join, the community value grows, early members are rewarded.
    1. CAT (Community Added Tax) taxes are collected on all purchases (e.g. 10% for a total $10.5) and collected in a Reward Manager Contract.
  1. Incentivizes #hodling, disincentivizes PnD! Early community members are rewarded.

It also allows you to organize events and track reputation:

    1. Organizer deploys her event contract, members stake tokens to attend.
    1. If members attend, receive tokens back and receive reputation points. If members don’t attend, tokens go to community. Extra rewards to incentivize good behavior are distributed via rewards manager.
    1. Early community members are rewarded and incentivized to get more people to join.
  1. All members vote with their feet! Sell tokens if governance isn’t good, if events aren’t good, buy if it’s the opposite.

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We are delighted to see the number of projects and their diversity. We’re very passionate about fostering a strong development ecosystem and encouraging anyone to start building with Maker. For more information about building with Maker please visit our Developer Resources.

These are great strides towards unleashing the true potential of the blockchain. Nothing can be more representative of this movement than ideas that come to life through the joint work of the community and MakerDAO.

November 9, 2018