Join us at ETHDenver — MakerDAO Events Schedule

February 11, 2019

Thursday, February 14

Calling All Hackers — Join Aave and MakerDAO Meetup

Join us during BUIDLweek for an early workshop on decentralized finance with Aave and MakerDAO. Here we will be helping hackers get familiar with the projects and to navigate the abundance of tools that are available for integration and hacking. Join us to learn about the wonders of Dai and how to use the MakerDAO Toolbox.S

When: 3:00 PM — 6:00 PM MST

Where: Enterprise Coworking, 3000 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO 80205

Friday, February 15

Start Hacking

Kickoff the hackathon with us! We’re looking forward to seeing creative projects built on the MakerDAO ecosystem. Join us for a series of talks and workshops over the weekend:

  • 10:45am: “Out-of-the-box UX Upgrades: Dai.js and DSProxy” with Ethan Bennet
  • 12:50pm: “Dai and CDPs: A Year in Review with Maker” with Mariano Conti on the Main Stage

Saturday, February 16

  • 10:10am: “Biz Dev & Crypto: Breaking Out of the Bubble” with Ashleigh Schapp
  • 10:30am: We’re hosting a fun workshop for high school students and spectators on token economics and Dai. Join us for fun game theory demos with Sean Brennan
  • 1:00pm: “Connecting to the Real World: Oracles and Data for Dapps” with Mariano Conti

Sunday, February 17

We couldn’t resist throwing another Dai party. This time around, we won’t only be mixing drinks — we will be playing with a palette of ingredients (including BuffiDai, xDai & Burner Wallet) to achieve the full state of dappiness! Welcome to the Cypherpunk Speakeasy Dappy Hour! From 10pm until 12am, purchase your favorite drinks with BuffiDai or xDai. See you at Stoney’s right after the official afterparty!

February 11, 2019