MakerDAO and Wyre host unBlock Hackathon: Come Join Us This Weekend in San Francisco

August 16, 2018

Yesterday we announced a very exciting partnership with Wyre, the leading blockchain money transfer company. Wyre operates a regulated global payment infrastructure which allows for fast and compliant conversion of fiat currencies to Dai.

Wyre bridges the gap between traditional banking and digital assets. MakerDAO provides stability and security on the blockchain with the Dai Credit System. Working together, MakerDAO and Wyre allow organizations to easily move fiat currency directly into and out of Dai, removing exposure to the unpredictability of speculative cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin while benefittng from the speed, transparency and security of the blockchain.

Join us at our unBlock Hackathon

To celebrate this new partnership we’re excited to announce unBlock, a hackathon focused on decentralized applications and cryptocurrency projects.

Co-hosted by MakerDAO and Wyre, this hackathon is an opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts to create useful and inspiring projects. Come with your best ideas around expanding BTC/ETH/DAI ecosystems, trading and decentralized exchanges, liquidity solutions, or identity verification. Teams are encouraged to incorporate the Wyre or MakerDAO API’s and libraries into into their projects.

The event starts August 18th, this Saturday at 11am and goes through 4pm on Sunday. It will be hosted at the Sky Blue Penthouse (1550 Bryant Street, San Francisco).

If you’re interested in submitting a project as an individual or as a team, please sign-up. Bring your laptop and your ideas, we’ll handle the rest! You’ll compete for prizes including stablecoins, internship opportunities, and more.

Space is limited .

Win $35,000 in Prizes

Winners will be selected by a judging panel. Join us for a chance to win prizes such as:

    • Grand prize: $20k USD worth of DAI
    • Second place: $10k USD worth of DAI
  • Third place: $5k USD worth of DAI

In addition to the hackathon, there will be 4 exciting speakers:

    • Adam Draper, Founder & Managing Director @ Boost VC
    • Sam Schlachter, CTO @ Wyre
    • Sean Brennan, Integrations @ MakerDAO
  • Helghardt Avenant, CEO & Co-founder @ Rehive

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August 16, 2018