MakerDAO is sponsoring ETH Buenos Aires

May 20, 2018

The team at Maker is delighted to be sponsoring ETH Buenos Aires (May 25–28) and during the event, we’ll be offering a prize for the best project that integrates Dai, our stablecoin, or CDP’s into their product. A total of up to 5 MKR will be awarded to the team that best utilizes Dai in their application. We are looking for innovative use cases and solid MVPs.

Hackers also have the opportunity to receive additional MKR for continuing to work on their Dai project after ETHBuenosAires. We will reach out to candidate projects after the hackathon if we find some that fit the criteria of the core Maker team.

Hackathon Project Ideas

    • Design an interface that distills out the complexity of the dai frontend to empower a specific use case of the platform (bonus points if you use a proxy contract).
    • Create a frontend for decentralized ETH exposure using CDP’s.
    • Build a slick wallet for sending and storing Dai.
  • Build a frontend for loan mechanics.


MKR will be awarded by a panel of judges that include MakerDAO President Matt Richards, alongside developers Mariano Conti and Gonzalo Balabasquer. We will be looking for creative use cases and compelling product visions.

We’re also hiring!

Lastly, during our time in Buenos Aires, we’ll be opening an office in the beautiful Argentinean capital. For a list of open positions, check our website here.

May 20, 2018