Making Maker: May 2018 (Part 1)

May 18, 2018

Maker has been rolling in updates, partnerships, and integrations as of late. We’re excited by the tremendous response to them and that more of the world is beginning to benefit from the Dai stablecoin system.

Here’s a recap of what’s been happening. Buckle up:


Dai is coming to the Airswap platform, providing a stable medium of exchange for decentralized marketplaces. Forbes did a great write-up on the partnership, and you can read Airswap’s detailed blog here.

Dai is coming to Airswap

We’ve partnered with Dether to bring Dai to mobile ATMs to the world. Dether’s mission is to bring cryptocurrency to unbanked populations by making it easier for retailers and merchants to move from fiat to cryptocurrency.

We've partnered with Request Network to integrate Dai into financial dapps all over the world. The Request Network is a decentralized network that allows anyone, anywhere, to request a payment.

Kauri, a community-run knowledge network where Ethereum developers can learn, contribute and support each other has launched on rinkeby — and they’ve implemented Maker as one of the first projects on the network! Maker fans and Maker students can now teach and/or learn about Maker by receiving or posting rewards.

Gitcoin has announced $10,000 Dai will be offered in their bounty platform. The aim of this Dai price bounty is to grow open source software on Open Source infrastructure issues. They’ll be analyzing the results of this first phase of bounties in terms of a) progress on these open source repo’s and b) what bounty hunters choose to do with their Dai. This will lead to the second phase of the bounty program which will include bounties on soon-to-be open-source repo’s in the MakerDAO ecosystem.

Instant crypto transactions are coming to your smartphone in our integration with the STK platform. STK will allow users to transact with Dai tokens through the STACK wallet at more than 37 million merchants worldwide.

imToken, one of the biggest wallet apps in China, has integrated Dai into their decentralized exchange, Tokenlon.

Users of the Switchain network can now hedge against volatility thanks to their inclusion of Dai, and in the future, developing an instant wallet for Dai.

Some Light Reading

We released a blog detailing how Dai addresses centralization and counterparty risk. Check it out.


We attended EDCON, where we loved chatting with the Ethereum community and appreciate all the excitement they had for Maker.

Our team in Asia has been working hard showcasing Maker to new audiences, with the most recent stop at #ECTAsia in Singapore.

We also attended Consensys and Fluidity, while Rune and Andy gave talks at Token Summit.

The team is looking forward to seeing everyone at ETH Buenos Aires later this month as well!

These are exciting times for Maker and with the launch of multi-collateral Dai on the horizon, the road ahead is looking bright.

May 18, 2018