Introducing Oasis Borrow and Save

November 18, 2019

When Oasis Trade was released in early October, it represented the first step toward creating an all-in-one decentralized finance (DeFi) hub. Keen-eyed visitors of the Oasis hub have likely noticed two new gateways marked “coming soon”: Oasis Borrow and Oasis Save. Last week, a blog post titled What to Expect With the Launch of Multi-Collateral Dai reduced some of the mystery behind the interfaces by revealing that they would launch on the same day as MCD, November 18. Here now are formal introductions to the portals that will provide users with secure, simple ways to access Maker Vaults and the Dai Savings Rate (DSR) that come with MCD. 

Meet Oasis Borrow and Oasis Save

Easy access to the Maker Protocol will be important to all Multi-Collateral Dai users. So, providing a central hub through which anyone can access it via Oasis Trade, Borrow, and Save interfaces quickly and simply is critical.

Oasis Borrow

Oasis Borrow is the portal users will access to secure their collateral assets (ETH and BAT at MCD launch, as approved through a Maker Governance Executive Vote) in Vaults to generate Dai. Importantly, each collateral asset deposited will have its own Vault. So, users will be able to open multiple Vaults from the Borrow dashboard, and manage them quickly and easily. 

Importantly, Single-Collateral Dai (Sai) holders should remember that the CDP Portal will not grant you Multi-Collateral Dai. MCD is only generated through Vaults.

Creating a Vault in Oasis Borrow.

Oasis Save

Oasis Save is the interface through which users will access the Dai Savings Rate to earn savings on locked Dai. Unlike platforms where users earn interest on their Dai by lending that Dai to others, Oasis Save does not enable lending of Dai. Rather, it is an interface that will provide user access to the Maker Protocol, where one may lock their Dai in a smart contract, “turn on” DSR mode, and accumulate more Dai at the Dai Savings Rate. Since locked Dai is under the user’s total and independent control, to stop receiving the DSR, users just withdraw their Dai.

To learn more about the DSR, read Why the Dai Savings Rate is a Game-Changer for the DeFi Ecosystem, and Beyond.

An example of the Oasis Save dashboard

Oasis Today

With the launch of MCD, Oasis will offer three key interfaces in one place to give users easy access to the Maker Protocol. Users will be able to deposit collateral into Vaults through Oasis Borrow; trade the Dai they’ve generated or purchased on an exchange, such as Coinbase, through Oasis Trade; and lock their Dai into the DSR via Oasis Save. 

Navigating the Oasis interfaces will be simple. Users will be able to easily switch between Trade, Borrow, and Save, while also using the deeper navigation for Borrow to view one’s Vaults and their current collateralization ratios. 

Improvements to Oasis Tomorrow

In the future, additional steps toward creating an ultimate all-in-one DeFi hub will be taken. Oasis might one day include features developed outside of Maker but that use Dai, for example. This will allow for deeper integrations with other DeFi projects. 

Community feedback is vital to improving user access to the Maker Protocol and continuing to grow the entire ecosystem. If you have any questions or requests for features, please join the conversations in the MakerDAO forum to make your voice heard.

November 18, 2019