Making Maker: September 2019

September 30, 2019

This month, Making Maker is all about preparedness: Prepare for the “new Oasis,” start planning to upgrade from Single-Collateral Dai to Multi-Collateral Dai, and, of course, get ready for Devcon 5 in Osaka, Japan!

But before you start packing for the conference and digging into all that went down in September, take a look at the most current statistics from

  • 1,530,732 ETH locked up 
  • 1.4179% of the entire ETH supply is locked up in Maker smart contracts
  • 79,770,114 total Dai supply

Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) Updates

Prepare for the New Oasis!

Within the next two weeks, the Maker Foundation will release Oasis Trade, an updated version of built on the OasisDEX protocol. Oasis Trade will support the trading of ETH and other tokens considered by the community to be used as collateral for the upcoming launch of MCD. Eventually, it will support a multitude of collateral assets backing the Dai token.   

The Lowdown on the Upgrade to MCD from SCD

If you hold any Dai, either in a wallet, a Single-Collateral Dai (SCD) CDP, or on an exchange, you must upgrade when MCD is released (unless the exchange offers to handle this for you) or be subject to Emergency Shutdown.

The Migration app UI for upgrading Sai to Dai.

An Update on the Dai Savings Rate in Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD)

The Dai Savings Rate (DSR) is one of the most anticipated features of MCD. Any Dai holder will be able to deposit Dai into the DSR smart contract to earn additional Dai. Think of DSR as a savings account for your crypto.  

Calling All Auction Keepers

In August, we published our Introduction to Auctions and Keepers in Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD). Early this month, in a blog post titled How to Run Your Own Auction Keeper Bot in MCD, we offered the Auction Keeper Bot Set-Up Guide. Anyone with  programming knowledge and an intermediate level of understanding of how the MCD system operates can create an Auction Keeper bot.

Introducing Oracles V2 and DeFi Feeds

On September 3, the Maker Foundation announced the next generation of decentralized Oracles, Oracles V2. Oracles V2 was built from the ground up to optimize for scalability, decentralization, resiliency, latency, and cost. Exciting changes to the Oracles infrastructure and governance are ahead!

The first set of proposed organizations ready to run new feeds in Oracles V2.

Governance Updates

A series of Governance Polls and Executive Votes this month resulted in an overall stability fee decrease to 10.5% from 16.5% at the end of August. Numerous factors drove the fee changes.

Here’s the polling and voting history:

To stay current on Governance, Risk, and Community issues, bookmark the MakerDAO Public Events Calendar. Newcomers to Maker might want to review our series of posts on the MakerDAO Governance Risk Framework.

Community Highlights

Just last week, we published a very special LatAm Edition of Making Maker that focuses on community events and updates from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and more. 

The Maker Foundation is dedicated to building an ecosystem that not only brings financial stability and transparency to the global economy, but also highlights the vital role that community plays in a decentralized world. Learn how our community grants provide funding for the most promising blockchain projects.

Congrats to Opolis, the latest recipient of a Maker development grant. The funding will help the Denver-based company integrate Dai into its employment platform to empower self-employed workers and increase adoption of DeFi and Dai.  

To stay current on Maker Community meetings, bookmark our Community Playlist on Youtube.

Collaboration and Partnership Highlights

Learn about the work we’re doing in partnership with The World Bank to help kids in Brazil learn the basics of blockchain technology. We are honored to be part of this effort, and we are so proud of these young people!

An instructor leads a class of Brazilian students on the basics of blockchain tech. Photo credit:

Gamers rejoice! Game developer Nodebrick Inc.’s flagship game, Infinity Star, has integrated Dai into its peer-to-peer marketplace, OpenSea. Once gamers recognize the benefits of in-game Dai usages, they’ll quickly welcome the opportunity to explore a whole new ecosystem that offers financial equality without the threat of volatility.

Past Events

Doo Wan Nam, our Biz Dev rep in Korea, sat down with Origin to discuss how buyers and sellers in the company’s marketplace use Dai without worrying about price fluctuations. Watch the interview:

Before speaking at Ethereal Tel Aviv, Gustav Arentoft, our Biz Dev rep in Europe, talked to ConsenSys Media about the state of stablecoins, how global economic developments play into decentralized finance, and what’s next for MakerDAO. Read the interview.

Upcoming Events

Join us at Devcon 5 in Osaka, Japan!

Maker is  thrilled to again support Devcon as a Phase 1 sponsor. Make sure to come by the MakerDAO booth on days one and two. See you in beautiful Osaka!

Our Gustav Arentoft will be the featured speaker at Unblock Tokyo on October 5. He will discuss the importance of an open-source, bank-free monetary ecosystem. Get tickets now.

Gustav will also be at the Decentralized 2019 conference in Athens next month. He’ll join the Technology Track panel discussion at 2 p.m. on October 31. Use this code for a 20% discount on tickets: gustav20. 

To see more events we sponsor, participate in, or plan to attend, head to our Events page, and bookmark it!

Reminder: If you’re organizing a small event that incorporates Maker or Dai—whether it's a meetup, panel, talk, or workshop— we want to support you! Learn more about our global meetups and micro-grants initiative

The Latest Dai Integrations

UK-based LoCoins has integrated Dai into its core service. The company offers crypto/cash exchange services in selected retail locations in Europe. 

Dai has been added to CoinPayments a payment processing platform that allows sellers to accept crypto in their stores through plugins, APIs, and POS interfaces. 

Photo courtesy of coinpayments.

Ternio's Blockcard has integrated Dai. Users can make purchases using crypto anywhere VISA is accepted. Plus,  Apple Pay and Google Pay are supported.

Dai is now available as a form of payment on the marketplace! No fees for buyers; vendors pay a flat rate of 2% on all orders.

Give your ITAM Games' DarkTown character some rare colors with the  MakerDAO skin. Get it now in the ITAM Store.  

UMA Protocol’s new Synthetic Token Builder, currently on the Rinkeby testnet, features Dai to create synthetic tokens that track the price of anything.  

Dai is now available on the Atomic Swap Wallet.

Germany-based Chainsulting now accepts Dai for its security audit and consulting services, and Sydney-based audit company Sigma Prime, which has provided audits for Maker partners, now accepts Dai for its audit services.

Dai is now fully integrated and available for use within FlareWallet.

The Maker Foundation Is Hiring!

The Maker Foundation is looking for awesome people to join our growing, hard-working, and overall badass team. Check out our open roles and reach out if you’re interested!

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September 30, 2019